Each one of us walks a unique path that leads to deeper inner peace and balance. 

Instead of labeling our challenges and acting like we have all the answers, at Nierika we create an environment for deep self-exploration that allows new insights to emerge from within. 

Our client-centered approach has demonstrated effectiveness in conditions such as chronic depression, substance abuse, eating disorders, anxiety, loss and grief issues, PTSD, spiritual emergency and other mental, emotional and behavioral challenges.  

The synergy of integral psychology and indigenous wisdom helps you identify the root causes of imbalance and become aware of how they prevent you from experiencing joy in your daily life. This is an important step towards developing a clear and simple strategy for restoring wholeness.

Integral Therapeutic Tools:

  • Psychotherapy;
  • Naturopathic medicine;
  • Horticultural therapy;
  • Art and dance therapy;
  • Yoga & Meditation;

Indigenous Traditional Medicine:

  • Medicinal plants;
  • Temazcal;
  • Healing ceremonies;
  • Medicine Wheel.

Areas of specialization:

Addiction Treatment

Our leading psychologists have decades of experience and are internationally recognized for their work in holistic psychotherapy and addiction treatment using sacred plants.

Our therapeutic model for addiction treatment is comprehensive and includes a much needed phase of professional integration therapy during the post-detox phase. 

Single Parents

We offer individualized therapeutic retreats for single parents who are experiencing life-crises and who need assistance with child care during treatment. Centro Nierika is affiliated with a local Montessori school where children between ages 5-11 can study while parents take time to heal and restore balance.

Archetypes, Ecology and Spirituality

Modern urban life often detaches from our spiritual experience as human beings. However, our personal ancestral history and soul experiences continue to influence how we make decisions and plan our future. Our guided therapeutic program on Archetypes, Ecology, and Spirituality is designed to help you gain more awareness into the ancestral and symbolic meaning of your life utilizing Jungian dreamwork. Activities such as visits to ancient sites and participation in indigenous rituals provide the context for this work.