"Our work is to transform those transient flashes of illumination obtained in peak states of consciousness into a permanent light that guides your life path.

Anya Loizaga-Velder, PhD, Centro Nierika Co-founder

The therapeutic and ceremonial application of indigenous plants with psychoactive properties is rapidly emerging as a growing number of people are seeking alternative solutions to health and spiritual crises.

From a psychotherapeutic standpoint, several conditions must be met to render an experience with a psychoactive plant therapeutic. The set, setting and integration process are each vital factors that require a particular set of skills on the part of the therapist. 

At Centro Nierika, our team has a unique level of expertise in integration therapy.  Anya Loizaga-Velder, PhD, Director of Nierika's Education Programs is internationally recognized for her research in this field. She has over a decade of specialization in integration therapy and has completed a doctoral dissertation titled, "Treating substance dependencies with psychoactives: A theoretical and qualitative empirical study on therapeutic uses of ayahuasca" .

Nierika also offers apprenticeship programs and trainings in the area of integration therapy for therapists, psychologist and counselors. 

Please contact us and let us know about your interest and goals.


An invitation for educators and workshop facilitators:

Nierika center can be an ideal destination to host your workshop or educational program. We look forward hearing about your unique area of expertise.