Over the last decade, Centro Nierika has hosted an impressive range of events.  We provide a safe, beautiful and ecological space for holistic retreats, workshops, therapies, ceremonies, family gatherings, staff retreats and other special events.

Indigenous healers from North & South America, internationally recognized psychologists, educators and persons seeking alternative paths to healing find Nierika the perfect setting for deep and transformative work. 

Our sanctuary is nested in a lush subtropical valley, at about 5,577' (1,700 m) elevation in the Sierra Mountains.  The climate is moderate with mild humidity, pleasantly warm day temperatures (+27C) that cool down at night. 

This area is revered as a sacred site and a place of power and is the second most visited pilgrimage site in Mexico since ancient times. The nearby Aztec temple of the Jaguar and Eagle is beautifully preserved.  

Our site is a fully operational ecological retreat center managed by licensed psychologists and experts in indigenous plant medicines. The center provides comfortable accommodations, hot solar showers, wireless internet, healthy and delicious meals prepared with organic produce, use of an art studio and yoga/meditation facilities as well as many acres of organic orchards and gardens. You will experience the serenity of the surrounding nature reserve setting, high standards of cleanliness, comfort and a unique style.


The retreat is only 2 hours away from the Mexico city, 1 hour away from Toluca and 1 hour away from Cuernavaca.  We will be happy to arrange for your transportation from anywhere in Mexico or internationally.

Food, Gardens & Water

We provide a mostly organic menu with lots of fresh farm-to-table ingredients. Our chefs are masterful in preparing family-style Mexican food, that is healthy, flavorful and vegetarian-friendly. Meals are included in the cost of accommodation.

Nierika's permaculture gardens are thriving with avocado, citrus, and coffee orchards, fresh greens and other vegetables as well as medicinal herbs. Our gardens also provide a wonderful opportunity for giving back to Mother Earth by learning how to grow your own food while you help us harvest for our kitchen or sow new seeds in our greenhouse. 

All our water comes straight from Mountain springs and goes through a chemical-free filration process. 


Our retreat can host groups of up to 24 participants.