Individualized Retreats

Let us help you design an individual retreat, that meets your unique needs. 

At Nierika you have a choice of simply relaxing in our beautiful mountain valley or adding various therapeutic modalities to achieve your specific personal goals.

We specialize in a client-centered approach, which means that everyone’s unique needs are addressed differently.  Some of the most common reasons people choose to come to Nierika:

  • de-stress, unwind and restore healthy biological cycles;
  • detox from pharmaceutical medications and find natural alternatives to mood balance, emotional balance and pain management;
  • learn meditation or deepen an existing practice;
  • restore a healthy relationship with appetitive and eating patterns;
  • increase physical health and develop spiritual discipline with yoga asana;
  • learn hands-on permaculture and gardening;
  • gain more clarity and resolve inner conflicts.

We’ll help you solidify a new, wholesome phase of life.. 

The range of therapeutic modalities that we offer includes:

  • Expert-level psychotherapy;
  • Indigenous plant medicine;
  • Temazcal/ Sweat Lodge;
  • Bodywork;
  • Physiotherapy;
  • Accupressure;
  • Guided juice fasting and holistic detox;
  • Yoga;
  • Therapeutic horticulture and gardening.

Our facilities are suitable for short and long-term stays.